Cognition, Emotion, and Education (CEE) provides perspectives on topics relevant to cognitive, emotional, and educational studies. Through its publication, the journal contributes to developing theory and practice. The journal accepts academically robust papers that contribute to the areas of research.

Papers submitted to the journal are double-blind and reviewed by members of the reviewer committee or other suitably qualified readers. The journal reserves the right to reject papers that, in the view of the editorial board, are either of insufficient quality or are not relevant enough to the subject areas. The editor-in-chief is happy to discuss contributions before submission. The journal publishes work in the categories described below.

Research Papers

These may be qualitative or quantitative, empirical or theoretical in nature, and can discuss completed research findings or work in progress.

Case Studies

Case studies are welcomed, illustrating the issues related to cognition, emotion, and education in practice.


Viewpoints are less academically rigorous articles, usually in areas of controversy that will fuel some interesting debate.

Conference Reports and Book Reviews

Conference reports or book reviews that can contribute to advancing the journal’s scope are encouraged to be submitted for publication.

Topics may include, but are not limited to, the following: 

  • Cognitive studies;
  • Critical look at the relationship between cognition and emotion;
  • Emotion and education;
  • Emotional studies;
  • Emotion across cultures;
  • Educational studies;
  • Emotional intelligence;
  • Brain studies;
  • Brain-based education;
  • Emotion across gender;
  • Neurological studies ;
  • Environmental issues related to cognitive growth;
  • The impact of education on cognition and emotion.