Document Type : Book Review


Golestan University, Iran


This review looks at a book released by Routledge in 2024 that advocates for a thorough framework and educational approach by synthesizing the theories of Piaget, Bruner, and Vygotsky with empirical research on learning, cognitive growth, and intellectual capacities. It promotes a thorough framework and teaching strategy to enhance students' cognitive processes and highlights the critical role that both individual and social construction play in the learning process. The book delves into various subjects, including difficulties in learning, distinct cognitive skills in people, the growth and structure of the human mind, and how personality traits impact cognitive functions. It also looks at the practical applications of educational theory in areas like language and mathematics, as well as impediments to learning and satisfying students’ different needs. The significance of incorporating cognitive development principles into curriculum design and matching educational aims with cognitive development phases is one of the book’s main points, leading educators to enhance their students' mental development and enhance their educational experiences. By taking into account the social implications and prospects of education, the book also discusses the larger framework of learning. For educators, researchers, and anyone else interested in putting guided constructivist learning approaches into practice to maximize the potential of the growing mind, it offers insightful information.