Document Type : Research Paper


Hakim Sabzevari University, Iran


Given the importance of the macrostrategic framework (Kumaravadivelu, 2003, MSF)- as an offshoot of postmethod pedagogy- and also the growing body of research related to the brain functions in the educational systems, this study aims at mapping out MSF in light of brain-based learning framework (BBLF) from cognitive neuroscience. Brain research has helped scientists to delve into the brain’s intricacies and brought about a better understanding of the functional properties of the learning brain. The growing body of research related to the brain suggests that educators should carry out fundamental educational reforms in curriculums to move beyond current approaches to teaching and learning. BBLF, drawn from the field of cognitive neuroscience, is among the models that found its way into the schools. The results of the delicate analysis of the conformity of MSF to the principles of BBLF revealed that BBLF supported the theoretical underpinnings of MSF in educational contexts.